Full Scrach Bar featuring P.R.I. Blend Infusions


Seven Taps of Select Beer


Curated Wine Cellar bottle and glass


elevate kombucha rotating tap 6


house-made honey lemonade 5


yuppie hell - coconut infused iced coffee cream/soy 4


hansen’s cane sugar soda 2


dry soda - rotating 3




PRI jalapeño poppers 8

five fresh spicy jalapeño poppers stuffed with parmesan

and cream cheese, pastry wrapped and baked golden brown

served with raspberry hoisin


stuffed mushrooms 10

six jumbo mushrooms stuffed with parmesan, artichoke hearts

and sundried tomato - topped with smoked gouda


insalata caprese half/full 10/17

a bed of crostinis, fresh mozzarella, tomato,

and basil leaves - dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette


miso soup cup/bowl 4/6

shiro miso, ginger, tofu, sesame oil, black sesames (VEGAN)

*ask about our soup specials


spirolls 4

three herbed rolls served with buttermilk poppyseed

dressing or marinara (VEGAN)



SALADS half/full 10/14


all our salads feature organically grown fresh greens

prepared ingredients are made from scratch in the PRI kitchen

our salad dressings are hand crafted in house in small batches


roasted beet

organic field greens, roasted beets, candied hazelnuts, paper-thin red onions, and chevre - served with PRI sherry marmalade vinaigrette. (VEGAN option)



organic field greens, pear, roasted baby potatoes, paper-thin red onion served with PRI pesto and creamy vegan garlic sauce (VEGAN)


hot spinach

fresh spinach, layered with red onion, sliced mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes - served with hot honey mustard dressing (VEGAN)


gorgonzola greens

organic field greens, toasted walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, slivered red onions - served with PRI sherry marmalade vinaigrette.


house half/full 6/9

dinner confetti salad with organic greens, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes,

toasted sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds - served with buttermilk poppy seed, (VEGAN) sesame ginger (VEGAN), or balsamic vinaigrette (VEGAN)





all of our pizzas come with a cheese or vegan base


cheese base: housemade seasoned marinara, topped with a blend of mozzarella, cheddar, and provolone

vegan base: housemade seasoned marinara, spinach, and our own Classic vegan cheese alternative


no substitutions on pizza specials – build your own pizzas available below



personal 9 / small 18 / medium 22 / large 27

gluten free crust - two sizes: personal add 1, medium add 4

half and half split surcharge 2


1. roasted potatoes, pears, pesto

2. granny smith apple, smoked gouda, walnut

3. caramelized onion, braised eggplant, chevre

4. spinach, kalamata olive, artichoke hearts, feta

5. mushroom, herbed zucchini, smoked cheddar

6. spicy baked tofu, roasted garlic, black olives

7*. marinated portabella, shallots, arugula

*personal 11 / small 22 / medium 28 / large 33


chef’s choice

personal 11 / small 22 / medium 28 / large 33

a dazzling mandala of ten different vegetables, fruits, and cheeses, arranged by the chef for your pleasure


greek pizza 30

flaky filo crust, pesto, spinach, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella,

breaded tomato, feta




choose cheese or vegan base

personal 6 / small 12 / medium 16 / large 20

gluten free crust - two sizes: personal add 1, medium add 4

.5/.5 split surcharge 2


regular toppings:

personal 1* / small 2 / medium 3 / large 4

*limit three toppings for personal pizzas


pineapple spinach

mushrooms apple

pear peaches

jalapeño black olives

bell peppers tomato

onion minced garlic

roasted potato broccoli


noble toppings

personal 2* / small 3 / medium 4 / large 5

*limit three toppings for personal pizzas


artichoke heart walnuts

chevre eggplant

kalamata olives sun dried tomatoes

smoked cheddar caramelized onion

pesto spicy tofu

gouda feta

gorgonzola roasted zucchini

roasted garlic curried cauliflower





4:30-5:45 nightly – all night Mondays!


rotating tap 3


wine 5


well 5


one topping personal pizza 5


half specialty salad 6


house salad 4


jalapeno poppers 5


stuffed mushrooms 5


spirolls 3


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