Dear customers,


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

For allowing us to be a part of your life for the last twenty years. Some of you have been with us since the Southern Oregon Barter Fair days, through all the Conde Events, Summer of Love Reunion, Bobbies' Shake and Bake, Love Family Garlic Fest, Trinity Tribal Stomp, et al...

We moved into that tiny spot at 13th and Lawrence in 1997 and then to 5th and Blair in 2008 and finally, in 2013, to our current location at 325 Blair blvd. The famous, historic, Blair island

It's been interesting, rewarding and fun.

Again, Thank You.


Will and Usha


FOR SALE - send inquiries to:


Pizza Research Institute
325 Blair Blvd.
Eugene, Oregon 97402

Phone: 541-343-1307


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